Water Treatment

At COHBS we offer a wide range of industrial boiler water treatment products, which have been specifically formulated to protect the integrity and the lifespan of boilers.

Our product line of scale and corrosion inhibitors includes phosphate, chelant, tannin and polymer treatment programs.

We supply neutralising amines for condensate return line corrosion protection, alkalinity builders, fuel sludge and water dispersants.

Chemical Dosing and Control

Optimisation throughout the plant requires product specific dosing pumps and system design. Therefore reliable measurement control and dosing is needed. For safe and reliable dosing, COHBS have the range to suite the exact requirement and needs.

  • Proportional Dosing Systems for Boilers and Cooling Towers
  • ORP meters and control
  • pH meters and control
  • Boiler TDS Control
  • Cooling Water Bleed Control
  • Condensate Measuring

Water Softeners

Our range of water softeners can be utilised across the board from domestic, commercial to industrial applications. Both electronic and electro-mechanical control heads are available to ensure that the correct solution is obtained to suite your requirements . We carry a wide range of spares for the water softeners. We will design your water softening system based on incoming water chemistry, flow requirements and hardness level requirements.

  • Time clock regenerated
  • Meter regenerated
  • Single Tank Control Valves
  • Network Control valves
  • Connecting up to 4 units in offering 5 different design configurations
  • Demand Flow Network Softening System Networks
  • Programmable to bring multiple valves to service or stand-by based on system flow demands

Filtration Systems

  • We offer a range of solutions to your filtration requirements from design to installation
  • Typical solutions include
  • Sand Filters
  • Multi media filters
  • Iron Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters


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