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Delivering Industrial Solutions

Sectors We Serve

Through a partnership with our world acclaimed manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to provide products for various production processes in the following sectors:

Products & Services

At COHBS International Trade Limited, we offer all categories of laboratory & industrial testing equipment, chemicals, consumables, and sundries. We also provide industrial chemicals for Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Soap, Detergent and Laundry, Cosmetics, Paint, Plastics, Adhesives, Mining & Drilling, Food & Flavours, Beverages, Cleaning Materials, Infection Control, Agrochemicals, Construction Chemicals, and other products. We supply natural, organic, Kosher, and Halal-certified food and beverage chemical products. Our focus sectors include Manufacturing industries, Energy Industries, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions, Regulatory Institutions, Mines & Steel Industries, Chemical and Allied Industries.

Steady Supply-Chain Distribution

Our experience with sourcing materials that are highly regulated and difficult to ship, makes COHBS International Trade Limited, the No.1 choice for specialty chemicals. We are well adapted to the dynamic nature of the chemical industry and the attendant fluctuations in demand and supply.
We pride ourselves in a very large network of manufacturers and suppliers with the ability to secure a global supply of all classifications of raw materials.

Engineering Services

We provide installation, maintenance, repairs, calibration, validation, compliance, and technical services to institutions and industries.

Consulting Services

We offer bespoke laboratory furniture design for all types of laboratories such as Research & Development, Biosafety, Diagnostics, Clinical, Forensic, Biological, Physics, and Computer laboratories.

Expert advice on Product Formulation & Synthesis, Research & Development, and guidance on strategic applications are also available. These allow you to maneuver your business through a highly competitive and regulated industry.